Patek Philippe is the premiere Swiss watchmaker. They have a long tradition in Switzerland dating back to 1839. Patek’s rich history includes making watches for royals, winning many prestigious awards, and being displayed in some of Europe’s most revolutionary exhibitions. They have mastered the art of creating a beautiful precision timepiece. They have worked beyond the basics to innovate and modernize the art of watchmaking.

Patek Watches are the perfect meld of art and functionality. With the skill that the watches are made, the watches are always perfectly on time. They also have beautiful, intricate designs with strong lines and classic looks that have lasted through the ages.

Smoke Tree Jewelers has a wonderful collection of pre-owned Patek Philippe watches that make the perfect gift to commemorate special occasions. We only offer the best pre-owned products, as we want to affordably offer the finest jewelry. Watches are traditionally given because of a major life event such as an educational or professional accomplishment, a marriage, or the birth of a child. Your watch is more than a piece of jewelry- it is a reminder of an important emotional milestone. To make the moments truly special, make sure that you give a watch as impressive as a Patek Philippe. Talk to our experts to find the pre-owned watch that your loved one will always love to wear on his or her wrist. These pre-owned watches make a true family heirloom to be handed down into your family history.

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