Wedding Ring vs. Engagement Ring

engagement rings

Making the commitment to a partner is an exciting and emotional process. There are many ways to show your commitment. Engagement rings and wedding rings are often confused. From purpose to style to function, most people can’t tell the difference. We are here to help.

Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are traditionally given at the time of a wedding proposal. A man will propose to his spouse and give her this type of ring in order to make a promise to a future marriage. The woman will wear this ring to show that she is taken and committed to her partner. The ring is worn on the third finger on the left hand because inside the finger lies a vein that runs directly to the heart.

Types of Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement rings are a more extravagant ring that varies in price and in style. These rings are usually more “flashy” and incorporate a large stone that is typically placed on a band made of precious metals. A few of the most popular types of engagement rings that we commonly create are:

  • Classic Solitaire – Simple and elegant ring that features a solid band with one solitaire diamond.
  • Halo Ring Design – A diamond placed in the center of surrounding rows of diamonds to expand the appearance of the center. Usually set on a band that is accented with smaller diamonds.
  • Side Stone – This style ring features a large center diamond placed on a band that is accented with smaller gems along the sides of the center stone.
  • Three Stone – This style features three stones that act as the center or main gem. Smaller gems are typically set into the band to create an extravagant and full look.
  • Cushion Cut – This style features a center stone that is surrounded around a row of smaller gems that have rounded corners. This creates a setting for the center stone that acts as a cushion.
  • Princess Cut – This ring style features clean lines of a square center gem that is set in a band with accenting gems.

Wedding Ring

A wedding ring differs from an engagement ring because it is typically exchanged during the time of the ceremony. They are usually not as extravagant as engagement rings. Couples usually exchange wedding bands that are typically just precious metal bands or possibly are adorned with small gems. This is typically when the man receives a band that shows his commitment to his partner. The woman typically wears her engagement and the wedding band together that creates a stacked look. Many professional jewelers will create a band that complements the engagement ring in order to create a more fluid and natural extension of the ring.

Types of Wedding Rings

After the excitement of the engagement begins to transform into planning a wedding, couples usually come in to design a wedding band or wedding ring. Although these rings are typically simple, there are many types and styles to choose from for both men and women.

Wedding Ring Styles for Women

  • Diamond – These are usually thin bands that have small diamonds set within them.
  • Styled – These rings are typically more extravagant or have a certain style that is meant for a more stylish look. These bands can feature a wider fit or a more stylized detail.
  • Plain – Plain bands are exactly what they sound like. A plain precious metal band that is designed to complement the engagement ring.
  • Wraps or Guards – These are more unique bands that are usually created around the style of the engagement ring. They are meant to be an encasing around the ring that enhances its appearance in a more fluid manner.

Wedding Ring Styles for Men

  • Diamond – This style features a thick band that has one or multiple diamonds set within it.
  • Styled – These bands have more of a personality. While showcasing masculine features, there can be added elements like design, engagements or gems.
  • Plain – Plain wedding rings are exactly as you would imagine. For men, they are typically a thick plain band that is timeless.

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