Guide to Men’s Watches

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For a man, the watch is a main accessory that can completely change an outfit. The right watch paired with the right outfit can transform any Joe Schmo into George Clooney. If you are looking for a timeless time telling piece, let us help you narrow down your search. Men’s watches come in different shapes, styles and materials that can completely change the purpose and function of the accessory.

There are many types of men’s watches that serve both function and style purposes.

Dress Watches

Dress watches are a classic piece that every man dons for everyday to formal usage. They are simple, timeless and sophisticated. They are designed to compliment formal and casual attire, not to stand out. Men’s bands are most commonly made of stainless steel and leather. More extravagant dress watches are made of precious metals and the faces are adorned with precious stones.

Sports Watches

Men’s sport watches are designed to track performance and withstand hard and fast movements. Some of the most common functions of sports watches are stopwatches, alarms and a display of the day of the month. Most sports watches are also water resistant and extremely durable. Athletes and active men cherish these forms of watches because they provide both style and function.

Diver Watches

Diver watches are a specific type of specialty watch that provides distinct functions to divers. They usually feature a larger display with water resistant features that surpass those of sports watches. They are meant for deep-water pressures and also feature shock and chemical resistant capabilities. The most notable part of the diver watch is the unidirectional bezel, which is an outer ring placed on the face of the watch that, when turned, acts as a meter for the time left in air canisters. The band is made from a strong water resistant material that makes the watch more durable and gives it a rugged appearance.

Aviator Watches

This watch is another form of a sports watch, but it provides different functions that are tailored to pilots. The face is made to have larger displays and features multiple watches that can be set to multiple different time zones. Unlike sports watches, the aviator watchband is made from leather and metals to give it a more refined, but still rugged appearance.

Fashion Watches

Fashion watches have no limits. They are colorful, creative and larger than life. They may feature a distinctive shape or material that will make it stand out on men’s outfits. They are the designated statement piece. Today, the latest trends in men’s fashion watches are larger faces and precious stones placed upon precious metal bands or thick leather bands. They are used less more function and are appreciated more for their fashion appeal.

Retro Watches

Retro watches are fun pieces that, like fashion watches, are used as a statement rather than function. Retro watches feature analog or digital readings and can be displayed on many different shapes of watch faces. Retro watchbands are made of a variety of materials from silicon to leather to metals. Although retro watches are in production today, they are made to resemble the trends from past decades. They are fun and creative and are the perfect accessory to showcase personality.

Men’s watches of any style can showcase personality, provide function and add a touch of sophistication to a man. Watches are the staple piece in a man’s wardrobe and have been treated as a piece of art for decades. Watches can be modified and repaired time and time again and still provide the same quality appearance and function.  Jewelers take the time to hand pick or even create a selection of men’s watches that will not only provide a lasting impression on your colleagues, but last a lifetime.

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