4 Tips for Wearing Men’s Jewelery


Men’s jewelery has become a staple of men’s fashion. Jewelery always completes and outfit and when done properly can create a strong, masculine look.

  1. Start small
    This relates to both number of pieces and the size of your pieces. To make a simple statement, you can start with a wrist-watch. You can also start with a few small bracelets or a necklace, and gradually add to your collection. If you start with too many pieces or they are too flashy, it can quickly start to look tacky.
  2. Go for Matte Finishes
    This especially is relevant for pendants and rings. A matte finish will give your jewelery more of a worn, rustic, and masculine look. It adds a nice texture to your look. Often times when things are too shiny they do not complement the look.
  3. Mix Metal Colors
    Metal colors are especially important when thinking about your look. Warm colored metals such as Gold and bronze look good together. They work really well with earth tones and earthy greens. Cooler colored metals like silver and platinum look terrific with blues, blacks and bright reds. This tip is definitely flexible. If you think that one item looks really good with your outfit, then wear it!
  4. Wear it With Confidence
    A person can pull off any fashion piece if they wear it with confidence. If you have a new piece that you really want to wear but you are worried that it may be overwhelming, go for it! Wear it with the right attitude and you may set an new trend.

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