Birthstones – The Perfect Gift

Group of natural colorful raw gemstones on black  background

Birthdays are an exciting time of the year, celebrating the life of loved ones. When it comes to buying a gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother, jewelry is always the perfect go-to option. What makes that piece of jewelry even more significant and special for the beautiful woman in your life, is personalizing it by choosing her birthstone.

Birthstones have a long history, the current list dating back to 1912. They are believed to have originated from the twelve gemstones on the breastplate of Aaron, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. If you believe in mystical powers, then researching the meaning behind gemstones may be of interest to you. Folklore explores the power behind each gem, aiding the wearer in healing, metal clarity, among many other cures.

Here is all you need to know about these beautiful gemstones!

January – Garnet
This is a wonderful gift for a loved on or friend as it symbolizes everlasting friendship, loyalty and trust. Garnet was derived from the Latin word for grain, granatus, because of its crystals resembling seeds or grain. Its color varies more than any mineral as is well known for its deep red color. It was found in ancient Egypt, as they ornamented their inlay jewelry with this lovely red gemstone.

February – Amethyst
Amethyst dates back to ancient Greece and is believed to protect one against drunkenness. Medieval knights also wore them into battle as amulets for protection and to keep them levelheaded. Because its purple color symbolizes royalty, English kings and queens adorned themselves in these gems. Amethysts are steeped in European history, and the finest of these gems were found in Russia.

March – Aquamarine
March’s birthstone is known for its stunning ocean color. Its color varies from blue to green and is in the same family as the emerald. Its name comes from Latin, aqua meaning water and marina, meaning the sea. This is a gem for those who love the sea, as it supposedly protects and provides safe journey. Its calming turquoise color is said to bring serenity to those who wear it.

April – Diamond
Many have heard the famous saying, “Diamonds are a girls best friend” and if your loved one’s birthday is in April, you will become her new favorite person with the gift of this coveted, striking gem. Be bold and exotic and buy her a fancy-color diamond. Because they are natural and rare they may be more expensive and sometime can be given color in a laboratory due to their high demand. They are known as color-treated diamonds and can also be specialized to a certain color and clarity that you wish. In Greek, the word for diamond means invincible. Historically, they are many beliefs about diamonds, many of which include healing powers, improving balance and clarity and boost energy when combined with other crystals.

May – Emerald
The emerald’s attractive bright green can be associated with growth. It symbolizes rebirth and is the most precious stone in the beryl group. The emerald is believed to bring premonition, prosperity and youthfulness to its owner. They are among the “precious four” including sapphire, ruby and diamond. Colombia is most prominent for emeralds, but they are found else where such as Brazil and Zambia.

June – Pearl
Pearls signify one word: classic. They are the “Queen of gems” and a timeless beauty, adorning many cultures across the centuries, such as Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and Tudor England. Before the 1920’s natural pearls were so expensive and rare that only the very wealthy or royals wore them. Today, most of the pearls in the market are cultured.

July – Ruby
Rubies are known for their bright red color and are the most popular and legendary among all the red gems. It is most desirable for its durability, luster and rarity. A large ruby with good transparency is even more rare than a diamond! Rubies would make an impeccable gift, as they are believed to bring success in love, health, wealth and wisdom.

August – Peridot
This gemstone is the ideal summer gem, as its bright green with golden tone pairs well with summer attire. It dates back to Ancient Egypt in the 2nd millennium B.C. and is formed deep under a volcano in the Red Sea. Ancient Rome were also attracted to Peridot and called it “emerald of the evening,” It is also found in cathedrals from medieval Europe.

September – Sapphire
These lovely gems are famous for their deep, velvety blue, but range in colors of the rainbow from pink, purple, green and yellow. Sapphires are one of the most popular gems for jewelry since the medieval ages. Legend tells that they protect the owner and their family and friends from harm.

October – Opal
The brilliant flashes of color in opals are what make these gems highly desirable. From bright red, orange and yellow to a sea of blue, green and purple, the mix of these colors create a dazzling piece of jewelry. Its fitting Greek name, Opallos, means to see a change of color. Most of the world’s opals come from Australia and have many tales and folklore behind this enchanting stone.

November – Topaz
Topaz has good hardness and is popular because of its abundance and variety of colors from, yellow, pink, purple and orange. The most desired and valuable color is the Imperial topaz, which is a golden orange-yellow. Within the past century, blue Topaz has become more popular because it is heat treated and irradiated.

December – Tanzanite
This gemstone was discovered in the 1960’s in the small are of Tanzania. It’s color ranges from extraordinary blue to purple and is often heat-treated for a richer color. It is the option that is less expensive than Sapphire, but its popularity is growing rapidly among the jewelry market.